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Etsy SEO Services
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What You Get

Keywords Research

Handpicked carefully selected keywords using qualified tools specializing in Etsy keywords searches, Google search

Etsy Product Title

Title optimized within accurate length with relevant and targeted keywords

Etsy Product Tags

Tags written within specified length to optimize search results for the product

Etsy Product Description

Engaging and accurate descriptions optimized with targeted keywords – we write each product description with an engaging story and all features elaborated in detail

Etsy Shop Optimization*

Every section of your shop is optimized with keywords and compelling text including:

  • About Page
  • Announcements
  • Banner
  • FAQs
  • Shop
  • Policies
  • *Only with 20 listings or above
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1 Product


10 Products


20 Products


50 Products


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Managing Promoted Listings (Paid Search Campaign)

What You Get

Achieve increase in number of orders from Promoted Listings

Achieve increase in Conversion Rate

Ensure reduced Cost Per Click

Achieve higher sales

Expert Bids Management to ensure higher profits

15% OFF - Special Mother's Day Discount
Valid up to May 27, 2019

1 Product


10 Products


20 Products


50 Products


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Please read Etsy SEO Services Terms and Conditions for deliverables

Etsy optimization and Etsy promotion services

We review, analyze and optimize your entire Etsy shop that includes:

  • Your main shop page
  • Your shop title
  • Every section in your shop
  • Shop announcement text
  • About page
  • Your shop policies
  • Title and tags of every listing
  • Description of every listing

Market Analysis & Research

To ensure best results, we thoroughly review your Etsy shop, including all the listings. We analyze your competitors selling similar items.

After understanding your market and target audience, we conduct detailed, products specific keywords research to determine what buyers are searching for in Etsy.

Etsy Listings Optimization

We ensure your Etsy shop comes up in the search results by optimizing the titles, tags and descriptions of all listings with relevant keywords that buyers are searching for.

Etsy Seller Consultancy Services

Shop Announcement, Title & Section Optimization

We build emotional connection with your potential customers by writing keywords enriched, creative content for your shop announcement with a strong call to action.

We use clear and concise keywords in your shop sections to help increase your SEO rankings. Your shop title is the first thing that Google reads on your Etsy shop’s page. We make your title keyword enriched that engages your potential customers and induces them to click the Google listings.

Etsy Promotion on Social Media

We improve your Etsy shop’s visibility on social media sites with multiple posts on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Our team takes time to craft powerful posts that remain true to your brand while it appeals to your audience and ultimately enhance your shop’s visibility.

Etsy Promoted Listings

We are experts at managing Etsy Promoted Listings campaign. We take brand advertising to the next level with Promoted Listings that raise awareness of your shop, increase views, favorites, clicks and revenue.

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Valid up to May 27, 2019

Why you need Etsy SEO services?

We are one of the leading Etsy SEO services provider. Our committed team comprises of technical wizards and web marketing experts who provide Etsy marketing services that help:

Improve your Etsy shop visibility in Etsy Relevancy Searches.
Make Etsy Promoted Listings work for you – increase sales and profit.
Boost your rankings on Etsy search engine.
Increase traffic to your shop.
Recovery from lost rankings..
Improve visibility in other search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).
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Thank you Wisitech!!!
Yvette Quantz, owner Customized Nutrition Newsletters and Foodspiration appreciates Wisitech for the tenacity to find solutions and thorough and professional work that has given her business a new constructive direction.
Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LDN
Customized Nutrition Newsletters
Louisiana, USA

Why Wisitech

  • Price Guarantee We know what it takes to deliver quality.
  • Non Disclosure Agreement Outsource in peace. We respect your need for confidentiality.
  • World Class Support & Maintenance Our assured solutions are delivered to your 100% satisfaction.
  • On-time Delivery Our targets are our deadlines. We meet them.
  • Worldwide PresenceIn US, Canada and India.
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