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Why Google Tag Manager?

Do you wish to know which of your marketing channels are bringing you leads? Do you need a proper analysis of your site that shows the right traffic and sales generated? Do you want to improve effectiveness of your online marketing strategy? Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that offers in-depth analysis and statistics to keep track of your visitors, goals and transactions. It presents the clear picture to measure the effectiveness of your web marketing campaign, how visitors locate and interact with your website and so on. Wisitech is one the leading Google Analytics consulting services provider with an experienced team of web marketing pros. We work with you every step of the way in gathering accurate data, identifying loopholes in your marketing campaign and establishing a strategy that helps grow your business.

Benefits of Google Analytics Consulting Services

Analyze Traffic Source

Google Analytics lets you figure out how your visitors locate your website. Is it through paid advertisement, search engine or a link from another website? It helps you understand which traffic source is more effective in driving visitors to your site.

Track Keywords Performance

Track which keywords are performing well and which are not; allowing you to make changes in your website content by adding keyword terms that bring in more traffic.

Monitor Page Popularity

Identify which of your webpages and links your visitors are clicking the most. This information allows you to improve these pages to generate more sales and direct the traffic to the most popular pages in your marketing campaigns.

Track Bounce Rate

Google Analytics lets you identify which landing pages are the most popular and which pages have high bounce rates. It allows you to make improvements in these pages to reduce bounce rate, boost retention and generate leads.

Analyze Traffic Source and Optimize your Marketing Campaign

It is almost fatal not to track your conversion rate. Google Analytics provides data on where the traffic is coming from, which keyword terms are being used by visitors to navigate to a specific page, the demographics, the number of new and returning visitors and so on. It helps you better position your web marketing campaigns and PPC campaigns to your targeted audience by retaining what’s working and removing what isn’t.

Linking AdWords to Analytics

We combine the power of Google Analytics and AdWords by linking both accounts to help you get the most from your advertising campaign based on real ROI data. Our expertise lies in creating and providing you complete pathology report containing Google Analytics metrics such as pages per visit, average visit duration, bounce rate, percentage of new visits in your AdWords campaign.

Custom Reports

Your business is unique. So the report should be customized too. We don’t do standard reports. We specialize in providing custom reports in explorer view, flat table view, or a map overlay. Custom reports offer deeper analysis and specific data such as the landing page with highest conversions from a particular country, subcontinent, continent. It saves time and provide new layer of insights into your campaign.

Our Google Analytics Consulting Services include:

  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Analytics Audit
  • Analytics Implementation
  • API Integrations
  • Monthly Support
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Analytics Consultancy
  • Website Optimization
  • Custom Solutions
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Louisiana, USA

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