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Web Usability

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Web Usability Testing – Don’t Make Your Visitor Think, Make Them Do!

Having a website that looks smashing attracts traffic is not enough. It must turn your visitors into buyers, generate sales and earn you revenue.

Ask Yourself These Questions
  • Is my website generating the revenue I hoped it would?
  • Has all that money I spent on marketing it fetched me good returns?
  • Are all those visitors that keep coming to my site actually buying anything from it?
  • Are my customers abandoning the shopping cart midway during the order process?

We guess you already know the answer. The problem lies probably not with the design or the marketing (you must have put in much time, effort and money in doing it real good). The problem is with the usability of your website.

In the “attention economy” age we are currently in, web users are low on patience. There is so much to see and know on the web that anything which requires them to pause, think or wait provokes exit.

“Don’t Make Me Think!”

The mantra for web usability is “don’t make me think!” Every time a user has to think about how to find something on your site, it makes her lose patience and chances are she will leave your site dissatisfied.

The key lies in making them take an action with ease – be it buying a product or subscribing to a service or signing up for newsletter, etc.

The ultimate measure of usability is the conversion rate, i.e. how many visitors convert into paying customers. While average conversions rates on the web is 2% websites with good usability features have conversions up to 16%.

We test your website for usability to find and solve the problems which are causing poor conversions. Our expert website usability testing methods rectify the problems in the site and ensure higher conversion rate for your website.

Our Website Usability Testing Procedures Check Your Site For:

User’s Comfort

A user must access your products/services with the minimum number of clicks and be able to easily contact you at any point.

Appropriate Call To Action

The web being an interactive medium it is of utmost importance that there is appropriate call to action that encourages her to take appropriate action – whether buy products/services, download white paper, signup for newsletter etc. We check for proper call to action at the right places in the website.

Proper Use Of Colors

Every color has its own psychology. The colors chosen must be appropriate for the action, they must blend seamlessly with your overall branding strategy.

User Friendly Navigation

A complicated navigation structure is one of the surest ways to scare away your visitors.

Broken Links

We manually check each page with a link checker. Broken links, whether internal or external, are sorted out meticulously.

Browser Compatibility

We check your site in different browsers. Your site may not look the same in all browsers. We take care that your site looks just fine in all browsers.

Different Resolutions

Most of the computers are set at 1024×768 resolutions. But lots of people are still using computers with 800×600 resolution. We make sure that reader is able to read the content even if the horizontal scroll is unavoidable.

Think of users’ convenience, they will think of You!

What Else Do We Do?

We also do website-development, provide e-commerce and e-learning solutions, do effective web marketing and take on custom content development. The success we have achieved at creative marketing and multimedia reflects our sound design principles and creative spirit that has taken us so far.

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