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Don’t let Slow Loading Speed Hurt Your Website SEO

April 29, 2020 | Wisitech InfoSolutions Website Speed Optimization
We all know that the page speed can impact your website ranking. The time a visitor has to wait until the web page is completely loaded. On average, a page takes 3 seconds or less to load while an eCommerce page will take 7 seconds or less. It has an impact on your audience’s User experience. A bad UX means your revenue is on stake. A slow page load is embargo by the search engines and has an impact on your ranking.

Here are a few tips to reduce the page loading time:
Optimize Image Size
Using an appropriate file format for your images can dramatically decrease the file size of an image.

Minimize HTTP Request
Every time a user visits your website, their browser needs to make a new HTTP request for every single file required to render the page they are visiting. Having a minimalist site won’t long to request and download your files.

Compress and Optimize Your Content
Compressing website content can have a huge impact on reducing page loading times. Optimize and compress your JavaScript and CSS files by combining them and minifying the source code.

Wondering how you are going to do all this?

Wisitech is here at your service. Our SEO experts will help you with all this.

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