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Website Revamp/ Upgrading website means bringing it to the cutting-edge of technology for optimal results and increased revenue & profits. A successful website revamp or website redesign services help you deliver a better user experience across different devices and browsers.

An upgraded website is:

  • Fast loading
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO-friendly with keyword rich tags and content
  • Using latest version of its eCommerce application

We offer Magento upgrade, CS-Cart upgrade, WooCommerce upgrade, Drupal upgrade, WordPress upgrade, and much more. While upgrading your website or platform, we make sure to keep all goodies like data and desired CMS settings intact.


Avoiding website redesign services can make your page loading. And, slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year. (Source: CDNetworks)

Hence, it is beneficial to get website optimization services. And, Wisitech holds expertise in website revamp services. Based on our quality work, we are trusted to be professional website redesign services provider.

Increase Page Download Speed with Website Optimization Services


Fast page loading is critical to rank well with Google and also keep your bottom-line secure and profitable. Our cutting-edge website upgrade services ensure that desktop and mobile versions of your website rank high on Google Page Speed rankings.

  • A one second delay in mobile page load time equals a 7% loss in conversion
  • Cutting just 3 seconds off load time generates a revenue increase of 7-12%
  • 66% of mobile shoppers abandoned an ecommerce shopping cart because it was either loading too slowly or it never came up at all

(Source: CDNetworks)

We achieve Relative Page Load Time several times faster than the industry average of 6.1seconds.

page speed optimization services

(Source: GTMetrix)

Responsive and mobile-friendly

Being responsive improves your online visibility and brand presence. Our website upgrade service ensures your website is optimized for viewing in: Smartphones – Android, iPhone, Windows phone), tablets (iPad, Android), laptops/desktops (Mac, PC) and across browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) We ensure the HTML mark-up code is as per the latest HTML5 and CSS3 guidelines. And, that’s exactly what website optimization services do! This helps the search engine bots understand the structure and easily crawl the site resulting in excellent ranking of your site on Google and other major search engines. Learn More about our Responsive solutions

SEO-friendly with Keyword Rich Tags and Content

On Page Optimization / Content Development – We make use of proper strategies for search engine optimization – preparing a navigation structure based on keywords, strategically placing keywords in the page content as well as in the Meta Tags (Title, key words and description, and alt tags), using latent semantic indexing (fair use of other terms and phrases related key words) in the copy and interlinking the web pages. Source Code Optimization – We follow internationally accepted (W3C) coding standards to make your web pages ‘crawler’ friendly so that they are easily indexed by search engine spiders. Learn More about our SEO Services

ecommerce website upgrade & optimization services

Using latest version of its eCommerce application

Upgrading ecommerce backend is essential because: Security – Older versions are less resilient to security breaches and hacking. Latest versions are equipped with high-end security and encryption. Usability – Latest versions have better and more efficient standards of usability. Fast loading – It is essential for any website, especially one that is selling some goods to load fast and without hiccups. Upgrading website ensures the latest versions have improved page loading speed. Learn More about our eCommerce Services

Don’t know how to get started? Feel free to discuss your project idea with our technology consultant over the phone.

Our Professional Website Upgrade Services

At Wisitech, we provide website upgrade services across all technology frameworks including Magento, WordPress, Drupal and C-Cart to name a few. We have experienced web developers for every tech framework or platform to work on your project.

Increased Targeted Traffic – Targeted keywords strategically placed in the website exponentially increases the number of visitors who are actively searching for your service or product. Fast loading – You don’t keep your visitors/customers waiting or throw them off. Better Brand Visibility – An appropriate website revamp strategy can do wonders in branding and positioning your product/services firmly in the line of vision of your target audience. High ROI – Our SEO – Optimization services ensure a higher ROI through increased sales of your product or service. Usability – Observing the latest guidelines usually ensure a more pleasant user experience. Usability – Observing the latest guidelines usually ensure a more pleasant user experience.

Compliments from Clients
Thank you Wisitech!!!
Yvette Quantz, owner Customized Nutrition Newsletters and Foodspiration appreciates Wisitech for the tenacity to find solutions and thorough and professional work that has given her business a new constructive direction.
Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LDN
Customized Nutrition Newsletters
Louisiana, USA

Why Wisitech

  • Price Guarantee We know what it takes to deliver quality.
  • Non Disclosure Agreement Outsource in peace. We respect your need for confidentiality.
  • World Class Support & Maintenance Our assured solutions are delivered to your 100% satisfaction.
  • On-time Delivery Our targets are our deadlines. We meet them.
  • Worldwide Presence In US, Canada and India.

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