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What is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate? (The UX Design Answer to Breathing Easy)

April 7, 2021 |

What is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate The average landing page conversion rate across industries, according to Unbounce, is 9.7%. But is this good enough for you? Conversion rates vary widely depending upon the industry you’re in. For example, e-commerce websites only manage an average conversion rate of 2.86%. Further, these conversion rates fluctuate every financial quarter. UX Design by industry segment can help you understand CTR and how it can help in building trust, winning more leads, and expanding sales.

What is a Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is simply the number of site visitors who perform a desired action upon landing on a webpage divided by the total number of site visitors. The result is often expressed in percentage terms. The desired action may include filling out a form, purchasing an item or service, or signing up for a trial). Some of these methods are jus a way to give a sales representative a list of qualified leads that he/she can convert into paying customers by reaching out to the targets personally.

Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization

Good internet marketers will use one of two approaches to optimize landing pages. One approach is to split-test alternative designs and copies among a test audience. The webpage that shows a better conversion rate is the one that will be published to a live audience.

The second approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO) focuses on the pretesting stage of the marketing process. Considerable time and effort will be spent on understanding the target audience. An analysis will be made on demographic factors such as age, gender, income group, geography, language, and so on. Based on this analysis, a match-up will be made between the product and the demographic segment that will find the product most appealing. It is only after this correlation has been theoretically established that the marketer would be willing to deploy A/B split-testing.

Now that conversion rates and optimization make sense, let us move on to understanding the characteristics of industries and their impact on conversion rates.

Product Complexity

One study on conversion rates found that long-form landing pages were responsible for increasing transactions by a whopping 220 percent. This study also showed that long-form content, i.e., landing pages that reveal more information when scrolled down, works better for complex products such as a Do-it-yourself website builder software program. DIY site builders such as Wix and Squarespace spend considerable effort in explaining how to use their product. However, they will also showcase the power of their product upfront by using snapshots of landing pages for immensely popular personalities such as Idris Elba and Wynona Rider!

In comparison, a fast-food ordering site wouldn’t need to go beyond showing its menu on its landing page. The audience for a fast-food joint would be more interested in seeing visuals of mouth-watering dishes instead of learning how those dishes are made.

User Experience (UX) guidelines also mandate that websites create a ‘conversion funnel’ for their ideal prospect. A conversion funnel is simply the journey map that a customer passes through, beginning with an internet search, navigating through an online catalog, comparing products, and finally making the purchase.

Because UX principles necessarily create and use the buyer persona to develop their wireframes (UI elements) and the most logically convenient method to achieve user objectives, they can help build effective funnels that maximize user experience. The other part of the equation is User Interface design or impactful graphics that nurture a feel-good environment. This means developing landing pages that delight. It is no surprise that Google uses website UX and UI as SEO ranking factors. Good experiences build trust and trust enables a buyer to make a purchase decision.

Need a good landing page that fulfills CTR criteria? Talk to an expert today.

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