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What Should You know about eCommerce Trends for WordPress websites?

June 14, 2022 | Wisitech InfoSolutions What Should You know about eCommerce Trends for WordPress Websites

There is no scarcity of WordPress websites these days. It has emerged as one of the most popular platforms these days for good reasons. WordPress is easily available for its users and is an open-source platform. According to an estimate, the Internet has about 75 million websites driven by WordPress.

The statistics make it clear that the platform is incredibly reliable. Millions of entrepreneurs from all over the planet depend on WordPress for the online commercialization of their businesses. That’s the reason that WordPress drives almost 27% of the Internet.

When WordPress powers a website, it becomes highly responsive. Such websites are an excellent platform for SEO and e-commerce activities. It is not surprising why so many business owners select this platform. However, you should be fully aware of the great features of this platform.

For this, you should be aware of the latest e-commerce trends for WordPress websites. You should also hire a dedicated WordPress developer to get maximum benefits. Read on to know more!

Trends for WordPress E-commerce

Several e-commerce websites love using WordPress because it makes responsive web design and SEO implementation easy. The platform offers a versatile range of plugins and themes so that it is easy for website developers to design superior quality customized e-commerce websites.

The Facility of Voice Searching

Major IT giants, such as Apple and Google, have been working extensively on features like voice searching and voice recognition. That’s because experts believe that about half the total searches will be made through voice very soon. Therefore, your websites should include a voice searching facility. The feature will offer more benefits as compared to adding other extra features to get more web traffic.

Typically, people want to include extra features to improve their website layout. However, they overlook that the site should have adequate usability for user comfort. Including features like voice recognition could be an additional alluring feature for consumers and increase your website traffic.

WordPress eCommerce Development


It is a popular e-commerce trend being the priority of customers. If you have a website with user personalization features, customers will have more interest in it. They will be more than willing to create something to match or suit their style.

The personalization feature can make your website look distinct from other portals. That is because big players, such as Walmart and Amazon, are attaining their peaks in business. Therefore, you must try something different to attract users.

One Page Portals

There have been drastic changes in website designs lately. A majority of e-commerce websites include single pages. This single page has all user activities so there is no need to navigate. The feature comes in handy for better ease of navigation, speed, and interaction for the user.

So, if you consider all these points, work towards having a website that will have just one page with superior design and fast speed. It could improve user interaction, functionality, and comfort.

Augmented Reality

You will agree that everything is online these days. These include official documents to personal information apart from mammoth information on different issues. Computer scientists are transferring all data online. Everything is online, starting from watching films, selling, or buying.

So, how about providing the same experience to your customers they are used to in their routine? One such feature is augmented reality, which supports the online visual presentation of products.

Augmented reality will help your customers to have a visual idea about the product online. Thus, there is a higher possibility for your customers to be interested in the product.

Shopping and Payments through Mobile

It is one of the most popular trends in recent times. More people are shopping and making payments through their mobile phones. According to an estimate, 10 percent of e-commerce retail sales are happening from shopping and payments via mobile devices.

These days, web developers are showing a lot of interest in mobile optimization. They are doing so by improving the features of their portals. These developers are also updating the design of mobile websites. The websites should have the most user-friendly features so that customers and users can use them conveniently. Thus, ensure that your WordPress website works well equally on mobile optimization.

WordPress Ecommerce Developers


If you keep up with the latest trends in WordPress e-commerce, you can experience a boost in sales and conversion. It also becomes easier to build an online audience. There are plenty of choices, and you need to tailor and assess to find those that are most appropriate for your business and website. As the platform offers many plugins and templates, it is easy to develop customizable product and service pages.

Hire dedicated web developers who will use the platform and help your business by creating an effective, user-friendly, and responsive website. You can also build up SEO marketing campaigns easily. 

Ensure that you hire a WordPress developer from Wisitech no matter whether you want to upgrade your existing website or launch a new business website. We are using the latest trends in WordPress to make sure that your website is successful.

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