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What’s New Trending In Android App Development?

November 12, 2019 | Shubhang Saurav

When it comes to mobile App development, Google’s Android surely is a leading player with a multibillion-dollar business. With that kind of presence, it is all set to dominate the mobile App sector globally. Google Play Store offers the latest updates regularly that include new features for the Android OS versions. There are several trends that the Play Store monitors for providing the best support and assistance to the user, especially when it comes to Android Apps for the business that enables the user to access the Internet of Things and make considerable profits. The new trends in Android App Development depend significantly on the User Experience of the people using those Apps. There are several thousands of Apps available currently in the Play Store. However, not all of them reach the expected target users. What makes a user download a particular App among all the other competitors? Following are some latest trend-setting features that boost the Apps in Play Store: • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence • Internet Of Things (IoT) • Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) • Cloud-Based Android Apps • Google Pay In-App Payments

1. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence Solutions
One important segment of Machine Learning is Artificial Intelligence, or as it is called more commonly, AI. AI plays a great role in making an App user-friendly so that even people who are not technologically very apt can use such Apps conveniently. AI applications such as Chat Bots are often used for assisting the user with certain services like booking flight tickets and hotel rooms.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things - Google Play Apps and Trends
Internet of Things helps the Android app user to control several electronic devices at his home with his smartphone. IoT has emerged as one of the most popular features in Android-based devices.

3. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Google Accelerated Mobile Pages - Android App Trends
Google Accelerated Mobile Page enhances the performance of mobile pages as it helps to create light in design pages with faster loading time. AMP helps the Android developers to design multifaceted web pages in a responsive manner that can be compatible with all mobile devices. It is quite favorable among the developers currently.

4. Cloud-based Android Apps

With the advent of time, the Android Apps are becoming larger as they are including several multipurpose features. This means that they require more space in mobile phones. Piling up your phone with lots of Apps can affect the performance of your phone adversely. That’s where the Cloud-based services come to rescue. Android Apps that can be installed in the cloud storage saves a lot of space in your phone and also don’t interfere with the performance of the device.

Cloud-based Android Apps - Trending in Android Apps

5. Google Pay In-App Payments
Google Pay is already emerging as one of the trendiest payment portals in Android mobiles when it comes to in-App payments. Its secure payment method and user-friendliness make it popular among the users. Also, it often comes out with certain offers like cash-backs, and everyone loves that!

Google Pay In-App Payments - Google Play Store AppsConclusion

Several of the Android App Development Companies are looking forward to making a profit in the range of $6.3 trillion before 2021. This is a clear indication that Android Apps are on their way to be the trendiest apps in the future.

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