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When Does Your Site Require Redesigning?

September 9, 2022 |
website designing company, web design services

It is not easy for anyone to admit that their website is not performing satisfactorily or is ugly. However, there is a likelihood that you could be contemplating that it is time to redesign your business site.

The key aim of any eCommerce portal is to convert its visitors into customers. However, if the structure/design of your website is an obstacle in that, you need to fix the issue. A crucial step for you would be to identify the issues that are stopping your website from visitor engagement and conversion. You may do so by determining what is not working in the website and looking for strategies to make it work well with the target audience.

Check out some key reasons why website redesigning of your company could be a priority and the chances of negative repercussions you might face if you do not take action now. If any of the following statements are correct about your website, you may consider redesigning the site to engage your target audience and stay relevant. It also means you should consult a good website designing company to fix the issues at the earliest.

website designing company, web design services

Your site does not have the basic SEO on page

If you want your website to rank on Google, and other search engines for any queries, such as the brand name for your business, you need to perform on-page SEO or search engine. For instance, every webpage should feature a unique title describing the main focus of that page.

The title tag is a Hyper Text Markup Language element, which is displayed in the tables of your browser whenever you open the pages. However, the search engines also use it to create listings. The good thing is one may customize how search engines, such as Bing and Google, display their website by using unique title tags.

The website is not easy to navigate

Navigation can affect almost all aspects of a website’s performance ranging from user satisfaction and conversions to bounce rates and search rankings. Users should find the relevant content they are seeking for easily while visiting any site for the first time. However, if it is confusing or difficult to navigate your site, visitors would not like to stay for long.

It always works if you place yourself in a typical visitor’s shoes and attempt to locate a specific content type by clicking on the navigation links. Are you facing difficulty in finding your desired content with a few mouse clicks or taps on the mobile device? It means time has come to improve the navigation feature of your site.

Your website is not functioning well on mobile devices

According to statistics, 3 out of 5 internet users visit websites from their mobile devices these days. However, if your site fails to function well on a mobile device, such users would not like to visit it through their handsets.

It is high time your update the site with a proper responsive design to improve compatibility with mobile devices. A responsive design leverages proportional measurement units instead of fixed to accomplish a dynamic layout. Such a layout automatically embraces the device on which users view the site.

website designing company, web design services

The website is not matching your brand

You should update your website if it does not match your brand image. Each element on the website ranging from header and logo to formatting and font should echo your company’s brand. Else, visitors will quickly forget your business and its offerings.

Give your site a complete makeover with a fresh brand-focused design though it could be a time-consuming task. After all, it is necessary that your business has a unique identity. When visitors visit your site and see these brand elements, they would associate with your offerings subconsciously.

Your website has dead links

Dead links are also called broken links and has a negative effect on the user experience. While these links appear similar to ordinary links, they do not direct the visitors to their desired pages after one click on them. Instead, dead links send a visitor to a page displaying 404 error, which makes them leave the website.

As mentioned earlier, if your visitors encounter any of the above issues, you should approach a reputable website designing company as soon as possible. You may consider hiring the services of Wisitech, a company that has created a niche for itself in the fields of quality web design services and responsive web design to improve your website performance.

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website designing company, web design services

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