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Which One to Choose – Hybrid App or Native App?

November 20, 2015 | Neha Arora Nowadays there is a mobile app for almost everything under the sun right from music, gaming, dating, cab service, to finance and more. Having a reliable mobile app for your online business is no longer just an option. It’s a necessity. Your targeted mobile users expect mobile apps to be fast, responsive and reliable. No one has the time for slow or poor user experience. Now the question arises – whether to choose Hybrid Apps or Native Apps for building your mobile app?

Native apps

These are specific to mobile platform. Native apps promise great user experience. They are expensive as compared to hybrid and take longer to develop. Building native apps implies using the native language of the platform i.e. Java with Android, Objective-C with iOS, Eclipse. The biggest advantage of native apps is their fast and user-friendly performance. In nutshell, native apps provide fast and fluid animations, best usability, and the smoothest mobile experience. Some features that you will find only in native apps:
  • Multi touch support
  • Fast graphics API
  • Fast and fluid animations
  • Built-in components – Geo-location, camera, address book can be easily integrated into mobile app
  • Easy to use

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps combine the best and the worst of both the native and HTML5 apps. Hybrid apps can be deployed across various platforms, hence you can change platforms anytime you wish. They are an inexpensive, simpler, and faster alternative to native apps. The major disadvantage with hybrid apps is that considering they rely on native browser, they are quite slow in functioning as compared to native apps.

What to Choose?

Both native and hybrid apps have their pros and cons. Both apps meet different needs and preferences of mobile users and developers. Here are three ways to decide on the app:

User experience If you want to create an app that guarantees great user experience, then native app is the best solution. After all, hybrid app can never match the user experience offered by native app.

Time and budget If you want to launch the mobile app as soon as possible with limited resources, the hybrid app is your best bet. However if you have the budget and the time, you can opt for native app.

Frequent updates However if your business and your users need to make updates to the app quite frequently, then hybrid app should be your preference. After all, biggest benefit with hybrid app is that the content can be updated effortlessly from the web. Probably that’s why banks and news apps prefer hybrid apps over native.

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