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Why Flutter Has Become the Best Choice for Startups to Develop a Mobile App

June 26, 2020 |

Back in 2017, Google launched an amazing cross-platform mobile app development toolkit known as Flutter. It is a powerful and feature-rich mobile UI framework that aids to build best and user-friendly Android and iOS applications with a single codebase while making it a great choice for businesses planning to invest in smartphone apps. 

Before moving ahead with the impact of this framework in the coming time, there are a few questions that need to be answered so that you can understand its relevance. Hence, you need to know what Flutter exactly is.

What is Flutter?

Created by Google, Flutter is an open-source mobile development framework that lets developers design high-quality mobile applications for both Android and iOS. It is based on Google’s Dart programming language.

Despite being only threes old, there are many giant companies like Alibaba that have adopted Flutter. Not just that, it has become immensely popular while outgrown React Native, Xamarin, and Angular. Flutter development service

Flutter for Startups

Flutter offers a wide number of advantages to numerous small businesses and startups. Below are some of them:

Conquer the Challenges of Cross-Platform Development

Addressing the utmost obstacles faced by Ionic and React Native, including user experience and performance, Flutter has emerged as a new ray of hope to give Cross-Platform products a new way and vision. It seems to bridge the gap between the native app development and cross-platform development with excellence, thus improving the user experience in incredible ways for startups and new businesses.

Firebase for Strong Backend Support

Supported by Google’s Firebase, the Flutter platform helps in storage needs and space. With secure and well-built cloud storage, hosting, real-time database management services, and authentication features, Firebase deliver a strong backend for the Flutter platform to work proficiently and fulfill the requirements of the businesses at once.

Firebase is user friendly for developers to be automated which supports the team to fuel constant delivery of services.

Flutter Applications Benefiting with Latest Technologies

Google’s open-source capability-based operating system named Fuchsia is based on Flutter. This platform depends on Flutter for its designs and basic developmental coding. Fuchsia uses Flutter as its UI rendering engine.

Building an application with Flutter is a brilliant idea for the business’ perspective as well because this will decrease the risk of their operating system failing the same as Windows devices did simply because of the lack of applications for it.  

Holding On To The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship Moving

The business enterprise depends on the spirit of inception and viability. Enhancing the two with efficiency is a vital challenge faced by new entrepreneurs.

It is often observed that the new businesses in the market fail to balance the growth and consistent approach to deal with keeping up subsequently influencing the effectiveness of the business people.

Flutter Android App Development platform is simple and rapid that helps independent businesses to be profitable and efficient simultaneously while making it a little easier for them to deal with better things.

If you face any problem with Flutter app development, you should consider hiring a Flutter development company to assist you with the process and be able to develop an app under the limited budget.

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