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Why Is Codeigniter Framework More Productive Than Custom PHP Frameworks?

August 1, 2022 |
Codeigniter development services

Codeigniter has created a niche for itself for its superb performance and quick speed. It provides the quickest database operations apart from being a premium PHP framework. The framework is not only beautifully designed but is also an ideal step for anybody who wants to create dynamic websites through PHP. 

Although it has fewer features as compared to other PHP frameworks, Codeigniter has everything one needs to come up with a superb performing and versatile website. You should hire a Codeigniter developerwith great care to get the best results. 

So, it is hardly surprising why Codeigniter is such a popular PHP framework. It is a sensible choice for large- and small-scale businesses. If someone wants to create a good web application for their business, then it will offer you a great solution. One of the key reasons why many people like this option are its reliable creative pattern apart from offering a great deal of flexibility. 

Here are some of the top reasons why the Codeigniter framework is more productive as compared to custom PHP frameworks. 

It Is Possible to Do Step By Step Testing The framework allows one to do step-by-step testing at each stage of development. It comes in handy to comprehend how functional a project is and the changes if any to be made. The feature is missing in other custom PHP frameworks. 

1. Simplifies Error Handling

Codeigniter makes error handling easy because it has an array of the latest techniques. Error detection is extremely simple and makes the resolution accurate and speedy. All the errors the screen displays are in one line code.

2. Advanced Security

The most necessary thing for an online business is its advanced safety. That is because a business website comprises confidential details of clients. The beauty of this framework is that it has robust security features that help to create a secure web application. CodeIgniter’s cookie encryption and decryption features help developers to build up the website security to a large extent.

3. MVC Based Development

CI’s architecture is referred to as Model-View-Controller. The view manages the User Interface while the model displays the data structure. One of its best features is that a controller manages all the requests. The back-end and front-end systems are connected even while they are separate due to MVC. That’s the reason why the code is comprehensible and simple to read and simplifies the development approach. The second big advantage of the MVC architecture is the high speed.

4. Easy to Understand

The framework scores brownie points even for ease of understanding. CodeIgniter is simple to understand and learn. A developer can easily gain proficiency in picking up new libraries. These can be integrated seamlessly into a business portal. Plenty of resources are available in the form of how-to guides, documentation, and tutorials. Additionally, the framework is flexible enough to be modified easily to meet the needs of the clients and build a robust online platform to meet the business requirements impeccably.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a top-notch Codeigniter development company , look no further. Wisitech has experienced and well-trained professionals and believes in always delivering the highest quality output within the deadline. Our team members are always keen and stay updated with the changing technologies. We offer the best web solutions for big, medium, and small-sized businesses. 

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Codeigniter development services

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