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Why Is Shopify Better Than Other Platforms?

September 27, 2022 | Wisitech InfoSolutions

An Ecommerce portal facilitates a business to boost its customer base. These websites also provide a chance for their customers to use their hand-held devices to conveniently shop online. The good news is advanced cart-generating software has replaced the old-fashioned way of developing Ecommerce websites. 

Such online development applications have numerous useful qualities and user-centric features. Some of their merits include lower staff cost, physical server cost, development effort, and reduced time.

Among the various available Ecommerce platforms, Shopify is the first platform that comes into the minds of most organizations when choosing the best platform. However, make sure to hire a Shopify developer with caution to reap the maximum benefits. Let us now try to understand what Shopify is. 

Defining Shopify

It is a leading Ecommerce platform that everything an entrepreneur looks or needs for in their Ecommerce platform. The secure Ecommerce software acts as a comprehensive bundle for an Ecommerce portal. Shopify also enables you to easily create various web pages through a robust online editor.

You can sell in numerous places by customizing online stores and integrating local language support. There are innumerable reasons for people considering Shopify the finest Ecommerce platform. Check them out below:

1. Pre-Built Marketing Tools

The platform boasts built-in marketing tools, which reduce a start-up’s cost. Shopify helps you to include unique URLs, Meta titles, page titles, and Meta descriptions. There are tools to also make the pages invisible and visible and redirect web pages if necessary.

These in-built tools of Shopify allow you to perform store optimization based on your choice. Additionally, it integrates into Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. There are some of the most popular social media platforms, that help to improve product promotions.

2. Cloud-Based Hosting Solution

Are you launching an online business of your own? Web hosting can emerge as a serious challenge in such a scenario. If you want to host a shopping, you would require a lot of spare time and technical support. These are the things, start-ups may not have in the beginning.

Shopify is a hosted solution and cloud-based setup. It denotes there is nothing to fret about databases or servers. A big advantage is you will be able to access your online store from any place. The only requisites include net connectivity without a setup and login details. A crucial point is Shopify’s ability to assist you to handle the payment gateway. That makes your work seamless and easy.

3. Security and Speed

If you want your Ecommerce site to be successful, it is important to ensure that the loading speed of the portal is super-fast. The feature will assist you to boost your online sales. If your web pages load very fast. Your portal can retain existing users.

The platform also provides the finest service concerning integration among the various payment providers and security. Shopify comes with an in-built speed checker that facilitates online visitors to complete their payments within a nominal loading time.

4. Fabulous Technical Support

There is a need for some kind of technical support when you are running an Ecommerce store. Shopify makes sure that the customers get technical support round the clock. It also means your online customers can connect the customer care if there is any glitch. Thus, you can access customer care while facing any glitch. The customer care executives will either pick up the call or direct them on live chats.

5. Advanced Functionality

The platform offers you advanced functionality with an application/plugin-style platform. It facilitates you to customize, install, and download the website. Shopify provides the features to boost social media promotions and sales, it also provides business reporting, accounting, and inventory management. It has the choice to configure email autoresponder integrations. The feature can assist you in automating and running your venture on autopilot.

6. Comes With a Payment Gateway of Its Own

It is crucial to maintain a proper payment process, especially for an Ecommerce store. Shopify offers multiple payment options for the convenience of customers. It is integrated with several secured payment gateways and has one of its own. You need not have any merchant account for using this gateway.

Besides being integrated with plenty of payment gateways, it offers its own as well. Its payment gateway offers no transaction fees and lower credit card fees. You no need to have a merchant account to use this gateway.

Final Words

Wisitech has been empowering small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups by providing superior Shopify development and design services at reasonable charges. It has been providing support to its clients since 1999 so that they use the Web cautiously to fulfill their business missions. It is a leading Shopify theme development company that provides Shopify development services USA.

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