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Mobile-First Design: What It Is & How to Implement It?

April 25, 2022 |

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As you might have guessed, the term “Mobile-First Design” is self-explanatory. It is a unique approach where web designers first begin to design their products for mobile and hand-held devices. Web designers do that by prototyping or sketching the design of the web app for the tiniest screen first. Slowly, they step into larger monitor sizes.

It makes sense to prioritize designs for mobile devices first because these devices have space limitations with more compact screen sizes. The web designing team should ensure that the website’s key elements are properly displayed for any user that uses those screens.

Designers can easily eliminate anything, which is non-essential for seamless website navigation and rendering by developing and designing for small screens. However, ensure that you opt for the finest web development services  even for your mobile-first designs.

web development services

Background of Mobile-First Design

Previously websites were usually developed by assuming that users would mainly access them from desktops. However, web developers gradually tried modifying these sites by slashing some functions for improving the browsing experience on a tablet or mobile device. The methodology of scaling down a website is known as the Desktop-First approach or Graceful Degradation.

The demerit of this particular approach is that many web elements hardly gel well if the screen size is smaller. Therefore, it reduces the websites’ visual appearance on smaller mobile devices.

Web developers introduced another approach called Mobile First Design or Progressive Advancement. Luke Wroblewski introduced this approach around 2010. The new approach inspired web designers to start the process of website designing with the smallest mobile devices before including additional features for larger screen sizes.

web development services

Implementing Mobile First Design Technique in Product

Let us now try to comprehend how web designers can deploy the mobile-first approach by looking at the scenario mentioned below: For instance, assume that a designer has to develop a website for an eatery. As the web designer has to adhere to the mobile-first technique, they should consider the kind of expectations users will have from a restaurant website they would be visiting from their mobile device.

A web designer should be able to identify the most crucial things that end-users look for when they use their mobile phone to access a restaurant website. Since such an end-user is on their mobile, we can assume they would be searching for information, such as exact location, operating hours, and contact details.

If a user is using a tablet, they are likely to have more space and more time for exploring the website. Web designers can utilize this by incorporating more information or functionalities concerning the chef details, or images of food menus.

As far as desktops are concerned, web designers will have all the necessary space for showcasing information. Such details can be pictures of party events, blog posts, contact forms, or the ambiance. Thus, you can promote these websites better.

If the web designers follow the above approach, they can develop websites with the interests of the mobile visitors in their minds. Also, increasing features for larger screen sizes would be easy to achieve by the design teams.

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