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Why Other Businesses Are on Top Not Yours!

December 30, 2019 |

The question is most likely to puzzle your mind when you see your competitor’s ranking high on Google, Amazon or other digital platforms. It happens! But if it continues, you may not continue. Well, Google or Amazon doesn’t have any enmity with your business. It demands a dedicated digital marketing effort to build a site which is usable, useful, reliable and, deliver a meaningful and relevant experience to users.

What top-notch brands do to make a difference? Before you start optimizing your website or store it’s important to know. Answer the below set of questions. The analysis will help you to know the starting point.

  1. Is your website offering the solution or product that your customers need?
  2. Is your website helping users to decide on the action you intend – subscribe, like, follow, fill a form, place an order, donate, etc?
  3. Does your website evoke a sense of trust?
  4. How long does your website or store take to load on the user’s device? Is it below the industry standard or at par?
  5. Are customers talking about your business on social or other platforms?
  6. Does your company connect with the audience on the Web at the right place?

Be honest while answering them. If you are afraid of being biased, not intentionally but due to love what you have built up, we recommend you take the opinion of a target user who is unknown to you. Make a list of all – good or not-so-good that you heard. These are the things that you need to work on consistently.

Wondering where should you start? There is no magic at all. Wisitech, the best Digital Marketing Company in the US, brings you a digital marketing to-do list.

1. Communicate well

Like in the real world, this works here as well. Products and services that you offer might not be different from what your competitors are offering, but the effectiveness of communication might be, which makes Google or any other search engines to consider them more relevant to the search queries than yours. Visitors on your site should understand your vision and purpose easily and quickly. Stay focused on the advantages a user or customer have in doing business with you or how your product or service will make a difference in their lives.

At Wisitech, we empower businesses with effective content development services. Steer clear of the competition with effective SEO copywriting and business or sales writing services. Striking a chord with the target audience helps you drive engagement and reduce the bounce rate, which is essential parameters of Google to rank a website higher on its SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

2. Follow SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Guidelines

Search Engine Optimization ServicesWe adhere to the technical and non-technical guidelines of search engine optimization (SEO). Remember, SEO marketing is a dynamic discipline because search engines keep updating their algorithm to provide more relevant information to the users. Using the best AI (artificial intelligence) techniques, search engines measure the relevancy of every web page available to it, compare them, and then get them listed on its SERP. With more than a billion websites on the Web and hundreds and thousands of competitors vying for the top 10 Google spots on the first page, the task is not so easy. But that’s is where our digital marketing services come into the picture.

3.    Clear Doubts

Explaining a product or service is not enough. Users might have doubts regarding the usability or effectiveness of your offerings, the reliability of your business, and so on. Answering all those in real-time will help you get the intended conversion. No doubt, you will be answering them over phone, chat, and email, you need to do go the extra mile to get higher SEO ranking for the phrases your potential customers use.

Wisitech steps into your business and takes a delve into the customer’s psychology wherever they are – on your website, on social media, forums, QA (Question and Answer) sites, YouTube or similar video sharing platforms, or any other place – to learn what stops them from taking the actions you want. We answer them rightly.

 4. Bridge the Trust Deficit

This is the biggest barrier. Customers might have several concerns – whether I’m connecting with the right vendor, whether it will stay to the commitment and I will get the expected result, is my personal information secure online, and so more. All this aspect comes under conversion rate optimization (CRO). Conversion is critical to your business success because it ultimately brings money to your wallet. The rest of the digital marketing investment goes into attracting users to the website or store. When a Google AdWords agency runs a paid campaign with CPC (Cost Per Click), it becomes more important because you lose money on every click if it’s not getting converted.

Boost your Website Ranking with SEO ServicesWhether it’s a paid or organic traffic, at Wisitech we take CRO seriously in both scenarios. We optimize your landing pages and monitor them effectively with Google or third-party analytics tools. The more you succeed in converting users to buyers, subscribers, donors, or whatever the objective is, the more you move ahead to your milestones. The attempt pays off in the long run as well by boosting your SEO ranking.

5. Build a Usable Site with a Great Performance

Performance is an integral part of the user experience. A site that loads slow on a device or performs slowly against a user’s action naturally kills the interest of the user to proceed further. A digital marketing agency has to understand the factors slowing a website and provides an effective solution. Website speed optimization is an overlapping of SEO and web development techniques. While hiring your digital marking company you should pay attention whether it has experienced website developers along with Internet marketers. Google PageSpeed Insights provides a holistic overview of the performance of a site on desktop as well as mobile. Multi-level testing has to be performed before making a site available to search engines and users.

If you enjoyed this article then so will your friends. Share the goodness! Wish you all a brilliant start in the New Year 2020.

Want to know more or looking for an effective Search Engine Optimization Services? Hire certified digital marketing experts at Wisitech for the best SEO services.

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