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Why to Invest in Ecommerce During Lockdown?

May 15, 2020 |

E- Commerce Store Development Service  Buyer reception of online consumer packaged goods (CPG) shopping has reliably expanded over the course of two years. However, while factors like enhancements in innovation, framework, and experience have brought about unavoidable shopper conduct changes, COVID-19 has caused another deep change in buyer behavior.

This implies that the business is currently at a point where it will thrive more. If the historic practices remain constant, the growth of online shopping will hold steady into a new form following the pandemic.

In order to adjust to the new change, businesses around the world should grow new online abilities to win the digital market and guarantee a positive consumer experience, including everything from passing on their value propositions in new ways online to figuring out how to deal with the back end of a computerized activity which includes satisfaction, dodging out-of-stocks and conveyance delays, overseeing computerized publicizing, and so on. With eCommerce solutions, you can help your business grow.

Why Ecommerce is The Need of The Hour?

With the pandemic making it hard to move product on the offline market, retailers around the globe are considering a shift from offline to online platforms. While such platforms have flourished in India in past few years but their consumer base was majorly limited to lifestyle sellers. 

Keeping in view the current situation, even Kirana stores and other essential businesses like medical stores are also looking to get on an online platform to build their business. Recently, Amazon announced a local store initiative in India that brings offline businesses to the digital world.

The pandemic has proven that ecommerce is important for consumers. Ecommerce platforms also support small businesses and, by making economies more competitive.

Increase Your Sale During Lockdown

Opportunities for eCommerce during Coronavirus Pandemic

  • The buyer has shifted to online space for purchasing essentials. Services such as home delivery, and brands like Amazon, Flipkart will grow more in the coming time.  
  • Buyers who bought online during the holiday season are seen to repeat the buying pattern during the holiday. It looks like that consumer may opt the same buying pattern once again, and may follow the same pattern post-pandemic as well.
  • Food, grocery, medicines, and baby product sales have surged online.
  • Many eCommerce retailers are adding soaps, sanitizers, and other hygiene products, medical supplies, or various self-care related products to meet consumer demands.

Here are a few ways in which you can continue to carry out e-commerce business seamlessly during a pandemic 

Look for Opportunities 

We all know we are all going through an unprecedented and difficult time. Regardless of the situation e-commerce businesses taking a hit because of the lockdown, if your business deals in essential items such as food, groceries, and medicines, then it is favorable time for your business as there would be an increased demand for your services shortly. Contactless delivery will also ensure that your customer base is retained.

Identify New Buyer Habits 

Pandemic and social distancing have changed the way people shop. As people are staying home to be safe is bound to change their consumption habits. e.g., Over-the-top (OTT) platform has seen a significant rise in customers in the last two months. Identifying emerging consumer behavior will help you understand their requirement and serve them in a better way.

Embrace New Sales Channels

As people are preferring online shopping, the brick and mortar businesses are facing less foot traffic— or even shop closures. This is a great time for them to start an online store if they don’t have one, or they should invest in one if they do, it is the time to work rigorously on their online presence and digital marketing.

Update Product Pages 

During this time, ensure to communicate with your customers, if there is any change in the service. Coronavirus and lockdown have created a situation that may impact the supply chain and if that happens with your business, keep product pages updated so that your customers know what to expect. 

Be transparent with your customer and give them as much information as you can. By doing so, you will be getting a satisfied customer — regardless of whether you are experiencing a slow-down service. 

Increase your Online Presence 

In the e-commerce space, there are various chances to seek after to achieve that target and they keep on evolving. You can dispatch a direct-to-shopper business, driving clients to your site with good SEO and E-commerce solution. For ecommerce website development, it is best to get the help of professional e-commerce developers.

Attracting customers through online commercial centers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart Marketplace, and so on needs steady and strategic upgrades, updates, and aggressive digital marketing.

The most important component is choosing an eCommerce development company that can handle everything right from the web hosting to digital marketing. Hire a digital solution provider that aims for 100% customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality work within the deadline. 

Ecommerce Web Development Service

A Mobile App for Your Business 

Do not limit your business to the web, as E-commerce companies need mobile apps to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment rates. For shoppers, e-Commerce apps simplify the buying experience, assisting them in comparing product features, prices, and helping them make global choices irrespective of their location. Do not trust us, check yourself that why your business needs a mobile app.   

E Commerce App Development Service

Smartly Utilize PPC Advertising.

With more people at home, more people turning to Google and e-commerce for products they would have previously purchased. It is wise to consider PPC if you are not doing it, particularly if your store has products that are essential in daily lives due to coronavirus. Keep a close watch on your data and adjust the bidding strategy if needed. If you notice lower conversations at a certain time of the day, reduce the bids during those times.  

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