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Why You Should Use Angular JS for Your Web Development

April 3, 2019 |

Your website is the storefront of your business. Not only does it tell people what you can do for them it also tells them how you do it differently. That is crucial to setting yourself apart in a sea of sellers all vying for the same thing. But user-friendly website design needs your site to respond instantly to user demands without making her think. This is where Angular JS has proved to be indispensable to seamless user experiences.

Key Elements to creating a Website

There are three key elements to any website design: content, layout and behaviour. HTML is the language of content and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) the layout specifics. JavaScript is the default tool to control website behaviour. Modern websites need to be responsive to user events in order to facilitate and sustain her interest. That way she’ll stay on your site longer, decrease turn-about rates and increase search engine ranks for your website.

Angular js development

JavaScript requires a quick, easy to learn and efficient framework. In programming a framework is a pre-written piece of code that can be modified by other programmers to provide application specific software. With the help of software frameworks, you can build and deploy more dynamic, more responsive applications.

Adding dynamic user responses with Angular JS

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that contains a library of functions. Distributed as a JavaScript file, it can be easily added to a web page with a simple script tag. This allows you to trigger a specific ad when the user navigates to a specific section of the web page. It enables collection of live input and pre-programmed responses that look and feel human to the user.

In other words, your website interacts and engages the user in a manner that is welcoming, warm and convenient. Therefore Angular JS is fundamental to marketing and promoting your product or service. You can develop chatbots and automatons on your site to answer common queries. Smartly designed responses with an element of Artificial Intelligence can go a long way in the journey between site awareness and sales conversion.

Track and Control Changes

You can add control to the development process with the data binding feature that lets you update the view when the underlying model of your website structure changes. Angular JS lets you do this and it’s vice versa whenever the user requires this without extra fuss.

You can use controllers to express the behaviour in a lightweight readable form without updating the DOM, registering call backs and or studying model changes. The fact that everything is plain old JavaScript makes your program easy to test, maintain, reuse, and exclude unnecessary protocol.

Enhance User Experience in your Apps

Amazingly accessible apps can be designed with Angular JS with deep linking. Users can conveniently bookmark and email links to locations inside the app. Establish client-side form validation. Take advantage of server-side communication without worrying about irregular return of data with built-in services on top of XHR.

Tracing out dependencies allows you to describe the way in which your application is wired. Dependency injections, behaviour—view separation and pre-bundled mocks enable presaged testability. An extra end-to-end scenario runner makes it well worth your while to adopt Angular JS for all your online projects.

Indeed, this particular framework has seen the highest growth on Stack Overflow since 2018. It is continuously being enhanced and maintained by specialist Google developers. With libraries and plugins for both designers and developers, this open-source tool is making bulky coding a thing of the past.

Take help from professional web developers and consultants

If you need help with your website design, Wisitech’s dedicated team of website and app developers can help your business gain the added push it needs to break even and thrive. Wisitech has been at the forefront of user experience and ecommerce conversions for the last 20 years. You too can benefit from higher traffic, higher conversions and greater profits.

Wisitech is happy to travel the extra mile as if your project were its own. You are taken care of in the best way possible. Try our web development services using Angular JS today!

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