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Why Your e-Commerce Business Needs a Mobile App?

March 12, 2020 |

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E-commerce companies need mobile apps to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment rates. For shoppers, e-Commerce apps simplify the buying experience, assisting them in comparing product features, prices and helping them make global choices irrespective of their location. We’re barely scratching the surface. Here are several irrefutable reasons why your e-store needs a mobile app.

1. Your Shoppers Want The App!

A study conducted by Think With Google has indicated that shoppers prefer shopping through a mobile app rather than websites or going to local stores. The main reason for this is because mobile apps let them conduct a comparison of brands, prices as well as reviews and ratings. Therefore, a mobile app not only helps you generate revenue for your e-Commerce business but also gives you a clearer picture the current market trends and consumer behavior. This helps in creating sharper marketing strategies. This is the most important reason to contact an e-Commerce solution provider immediately to get a mobile app for your business.

2. Acquire Data To Analyse User Behavior

Digital platforms facilitate data collection. And e-Commerce mobile apps give you access to your customer’s information, buying behavior and action taken, all in one click. E-Commerce apps also provide a list of frequently viewed products, as well as increase and decrease of an item’s demand. These apps are the best way to “know your audience”, which makes it easy to identify the user as well as market demand. Ultimately this data can help you identify the buyers’ buying pattern in real-time and help personalize their experience to improve sales.

3. Better Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps can increase the customer’s loyalty towards your brand, downloading the mobile application is a big proof of that. When potential customers browse a website, they might be looking for some business information, however, downloading an app shows that they are interested in buying your products. Also, potential buyers spend more time browsing through a mobile app as compared to a website. To further strengthen your customer loyalty, you can offer rewards, gift cards, and other loyalty program benefits to ensure that your customer base is intact. So much more can be offered to your customers, that only a good e-Commerce app development company can guide and build for you. Mobile apps can help your business overcome customer retention woes.

4. Mobile Apps Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

According to research, the average rate of cart abandonment looms at 70%. This is a situation that can be very harmful to any e-Commerce business. A complex checkout process forces the buyer to leave the transaction process midway. If the cart doesn’t look appealing or if the prices suddenly add up shipping and other hidden costs and escalate the total payable amount at checkout, buyers tend to drop the purchase decision. There are other reasons for cart abandonment as well and robust e-Commerce solutions apart from including exit-intent popups, coupon codes etc can help your online store to hold back visitors and turn them into buyers. Mobile apps have a cart abandonment rate of only 19%, which is tremendously lower than desktop or mobile websites. This is because, with personalized content and easy navigation that reduces distractions, buyers can complete transactions without any hassles.


Mobile apps are now indispensable for E-Commerce businesses due to the advantages it provides to them. From providing buyers data to reducing cart abandonment rates, it is a must for every business to gain profits.

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