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Working From Home- Opportunities to Grow and Develop

June 8, 2020 |

work from home The nationwide lockdown has forced us to stay at home. The situation has led to the spread of “Work From Home”. This concept is opening up new possibilities for the way companies can work and structure themselves.

Like others, we have also opted for Work from Home and believe it or not it is working well for us and our employees to an extent. We conducted a SWOT Analysis on Work From Home concept with our employees to know their views on it. The results are astonishing. So, without further ado, let’s find out what our employees think about work from home.

This is What Our Employees Have to Say About Work From Home

S – Strength

  • Flexibility in Work –I am not bound by 9 to 6 life anymore. I can work whenever I want and have complete freedom to work the way I want, even late nights.
  • No More Scheduled Breaks– I can take a break at any time I want. If I think 3 O’clock is the right time to have lunch. I can have it.
  • More Time with Family- Those who feel sorry for not spending enough time with their family due to the hectic work schedule and work commitments. This is a perk of working from home.
  • Save Money – When working from, I spend less; no travel, no spending on those snacks, and no expensive formal clothes for the office. I can work in my comfortable pajamas.
  • Custom Environment – While working from, I get to work with my favorite music playing in the background, on my comfortable chair or bed.
  • Zero Commuting – From bed to chair, no need to hurry!
  • No Office chit-chat, no unnecessary tea breaks, and no fast vendor to tempt me away, working from home is making me more productive.

work from home services W – Weakness

  • Lack of Communication- Good communication is a success for employers seeking to reinforce the relationship between workers. But working remotely impacts the communications as sometimes explaining things not possible over the phone.
  • Spending more time on skype calls and chats and less on work
  • Loss of Productivity – From a shoddy internet connection and system freezing making WFH miserable.

O – Opportunity

  • More Time for R&D- Because saving my time on travel, I’m utilizing that time in task-related R&Ds
  • Enhance Your Skill Sets- Now I can easily spend some time in my day learning a new skill related to my work.

work from home services T- Targets

  • Target Achievement- I get more work done when working from home and can achieve projects targets in time by using my extra time
  • Reduce the Communication Gap- Good communication leads to productivity and people don’t get drowned in too much or too little information.

Working from home can be exciting and empowering unless you are realistic about the advantages and disadvantages. But it comes with added responsibilities, not to mention planning, self-discipline, foresight, and focus. Oh, yes, and hours of uninterrupted hard work.

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