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30 Years – Why the World Wide Web Has Been Such a Great Enabler

March 20, 2019 |

The World Wide Web turned 30 on March 12, 2019. Just two months before on January 16, Wisitech celebrated its 20th year in operation. In simple terms, we are just 10 years younger than the Big WWW. 🙂

30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web

Google’s Doodle on the 30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web

Well, being in the web business for so long gives one a unique perspective of having been there and done that.

The world before the world-wide web was a desolate one with open warfare between owners of proprietary systems and no standard means of communication between different computer systems. It took massive determination and vision to push forward the use of the TCP/ IP protocol in an age of the old DEC/ IBM/ ISO net monopoly.

Unlike popular lore, the WWW wasn’t just a miracle that appeared magically in 1991 after Tim-Berners-Lee. It took many mistakes and careful designing by various teams at CERN before successful implementation.

The WWW enveloped the globe in no time

Nevertheless, it is difficult to imagine any more taken-for-granted tool of work, business and employment today. Without servers for email, without an intranet, without protocols governing online selling and buying, the internet, commerce and communication would come to a standstill.

Then there is the rising popularity of social media, opinions and reviews, being disseminated by people from diverse backgrounds. They are responsible for much of the free information that is available as well as the unbridled debates on politics, freedom, society and the future.

As far as access to education and facts are concerned, the global repository of documents has been a great enabler. It has removed the costs of brick-and-mortar establishments and eliminated the impact of distance.

There are those of us who study and monitor this exchange. We look at the people who access information, their interests and motivations. This data is used to better ‘online experiences’ by making them more personalized. In the event smarter buying decisions are made and a more efficient allocation of resources takes place in the economy.

It also becomes easier and more enabling for new businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to communicate with their target consumer. Product design, storage and delivery get enhanced due to greater understanding of needs and wants. In the end the process contributes to greater per capita happiness and progress. That, we believe, is the true goal of all human pursuits.

Wisitech, in its long journey on the Internet Superhighway and the WWW has believed and adhered to its tagline – “Walk the Web Wisely”. Unless you are aware of the hows and the wherefores, investments in the digital world may not fetch you your desired returns.

Its not enough to put up a great looking website if it is not friendly towards Google’s crawlers. To get your traffic and turn your visitors into customers, you must follow the rules and work them out in your favour. It’s a long and hard climb in the WWW and yes, its worth every penny spent if you do it right. Our successes and achievements have been great learning experiences, our problems were always opportunities in work clothes.

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